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Why Oz Catz?

Adopt a Kitten
When you adopt an Ocicat kitten from Oz Catz -

  • you can rest assured that you will be purchasing the very best in health, temperament and breeding in your Ocicat kitten.  
    • Oz Catz had led Australia in ensuring the Ocicat breed here is strong and healthy, with low in-breeding co-efficients
    • Over the years, I have imported 10 new breeding Ocicats into Australia to ensure health and breed diversity
    • This has enabled me to lead the way in providing written guarantees on health and temperament when other breeders scorned the idea
    • Oz Catz has been providing written guarantees on my Ocicat kittens
    • It is satisfying to see that the new regulations for kitten and puppy breeders now requires all breeders to provide written guarantees

  • you will be purchasing from Australia's most experienced Ocicat breeder
    • I have been breeding these magnificent Ocicats in Australia for over 14 years
    • Oz Catz is Australia's most experienced and trustworthy breeder
    • You will note that other Ocicat breeders in Australia started their breeding with Ocicat kittens from Oz Catz
    • My advice and services will continue to be available for as long as my kitten buyers require them
    • I also provide boutique boarding for my Ocicat kittens once they have grown
   Contact Nola of Oz Catz :   
Phone: 03 5997 6414    Mobile: 0418 549 987   Email: ozocicats@bigpond.com
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