Testimonials about Oz Catz & our 2017 Ocicats - Oz Catz for Ocicats

Oz Catz for Ocicats

Australia's Most Experienced Ocicat Breeder

Oz Catz for Ocicats

Oz Catz for Ocicats

Australia's Most Experienced Ocicat Breeder
Contact : Mob: 0418 549 987  Email: nolakim1@outlook.com
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Testimonials about Oz Catz & our 2017 Ocicats

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Ozspots Balmain, Ozspots Dalton & Ozspots Annandale
(Horus, Enoch & Squeerch)
Black spotted silver boy, Black spotted silver girl & Tawny spotted girl
Hi Nola,  These kittens are great!

You cannot be more relaxed than these three ...
Well, tonight the circus was in town.  Oh my God, I haven't laughted so hard in ages ....

They are all fair to each other and no one picks on anyone one else.
They love their food and and are using their litter without issue.
They met my dog, Elvis and all went well.
All three tried out their cat enclosures and tunnels and loved it.  
Next thing is to learn how to use the cat wheel!

I've named the kittens - Horus for the Egyptian god is the black silver boy;  Enoch is the black silver girl; and the tawny girl is Squeerch, coz that's the noise she makes!

I love them all!!  Enoch is a little snuggle pot!
And special mention of the fabulous tunnel system that was purpose-built for these very lucky Ocicat kittens.

The kittens can come out a window into a cage system with steps leading up to the first tunnel.  This tunnel runs across the backyard at aboout 3 metres off the ground.  At the end is a large play pen complete with litter, more steps and play things.  

Then, the kittens can climb into a second tunnel which runs through low hanging branches of a large tree and leads to a second window where they can go back to the house and relax!

The tunnels are strung from the large tree and from the second story of the house by steel cables to keep it strong and steady to withstand winds and energetic Ocicats at full speed!

Just shows what a bit of ingenuity and muscle can achieve in a suburban backyard to keep your Ocicat kittens safe and happy!
And videos ......
Ocicat kitten meets new puppy friend
Ozspots Carlton
Tawny spotted boy
Hi Nola,
Carlton's first night, he curled up with us in bed.
He is absolutely perfect!
He has learned to play fetch already - he loves it!  Such a smart boy!
He is growing up so fast!  More and more handsome each day - still soooo cuddly though.
I don't know how you parterd with him, but we are so thankful to have him in our family.  We love him to bits!
Carlton has visited my work - everyone loves him - he attended all my meetings!  Even our CEO played with him.

He's amazing.  Thank you again for him.  His personality is incredible!
Ocicat Ozspots Carlton learns to play fetch
Ozspots Carlton  has his first lesson in fetching when asked .....
Ozspots Mallacoota
(Miss Personality Plus - aka Omi)
Tawny spotted female
Hi Nola - just to let you know that my new baby has arrived safe and sound  - it's been a long day!
I thought that Ockie (Ozspots Cabramatta) was Mr Personality but she is Miss Personality Plus!   
So far so good - hard to get a photo cause she doesn't seem to stay  still...

At the moment we are calling her "Omi" - Japanese for "sound of  the universe" and she can certainly be quite vocal.  
She settled in very quickly  and knows how to make herself right at home.
She has more confidence than Ockie  did at that age which is good because he did give her a bit of a hard time -  obviously a bit stressed about having a new cat in his home - we have been  giving him lots of attention and trying to keep his routine as normal as  possible.

Within a few days they were sleeping together so I took that as a good sign  - she often demands his attention and he is happy to groom her even though there  is the occasional nip.
He is also now not so rough when they play together and  it is so much fun to watch them "invent" new games.

Ozspots Subiaco
(      )
Tawny spotted boy
Hi Nola
The little guy is doing great!!
Only took him a matter of hours before he fit straight in, now he runs around like he owns the place :)

Ozspots Paddington & Ozspots Brompton
( Gracie & Louie)
Tawny spotted girl & Blue spotted silver boy
Hi Nola,  
Just letting you know how the babies Gracie(Paddington) and Louie  (Brompton) are growing. They are definitely developing their own personalities  and taking ownership of the house.  Loving cardboard boxes and following Jinx  our big cat everywhere. I am happy to say he has become very tolerant of them.  They are also very popular with 495 instagram followers and growing.
Life is not dull in our house at the moment with these babies. They are doing great and keeping us on our toes. Very vocal and adventurous.
We have called them Gracie and Louie and they are settling in well. Our big cat Jinx is now cleaning them and playing with them although his play at times can be quite rough which I think may be him letting them know he is the alpha so we are keeping a watch on that.
Our dog Beau just ignores them. I think he hopes they will disappear, little terrors. Not phased by them at all.
They absolutely like their food and any trips to the kitchen in their minds means feeding time.
Gracie although smaller than Louie is definitely the boss. We were feeding them on the same plate until we saw her covering his food with her paw while she ate hers and then moved on to his. It's hilarious she's not shy at all!
Louie is a bit of a teddy bear.

Contact Nola at Oz Catz
Phone: 03 5997 6414  ..   Mobile: 0418 549 987  ..  Email: nolakim1@outlook.com

Contact Nola at Oz Catz
Phone: 03 5997 6414  ..   Mobile: 0418 549 987
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