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A Practical Guide to Successfully Breeding Cats - Suppliers

Cat Breeding
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A Practical Guide to Breeding Cats

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Sourcing your Supplies

You will quickly find that your cash flows are difficult to manage unless you have a money tree.  All your costs are ‘up front’ whilst your income comes last.  

You need to be able to fund the care and maintenance of -

· breeding cats for 12 months of every year
· queens during 9 weeks of pregnancy
· Queens and kittens for 12 weeks of growth
You may receive kitten deposits once your kittens are born, but for the most part you have to fund most of your costs before your receive payment for your kittens.

This is particular important when you first begin breeding, so you need to become a financial guru if you are to survive financially.  
There are a couple of ways to deal with this.  You need to work with a strict cash budget (more on this further into this document) for at least 6 months at a time, and you need to minimize your outlays as much as possible.  This doesn’t mean you don’t pay your bills!  It just means you need to source your breeding supplies at the best price to you.

Without taking ‘second best’, always try to source your supplies at wholesale prices.
Find an abattoir near you that will sell you raw meat that is not adulterated with preservatives.  You may have to buy in bulk, so you may need a bigger freezer.

AU$2.50 per kilo for fresh meat from an abattoir is reasonable price to pay.

Source your litter from a distributor and negotiate a discount.  You may have to buy in bulk, but you can on-sell it to kitten buyers and other cat owners at a profit to you.  

Litter boxes
Again find either a distributor or better still a manufacturer

Beds, Puppy pens, Blankets, toys, etc.
If possible, open a breeder’s account with a large retail outlet for a 10—15% discount, or search the web for better bargains.

As you progress in your experience, you will want to medicate your cats and kittens yourself—your vet may help you with the basic anti-biotics, like Clavulox (Amoxyclav) and Vibravet (Doxyclycline).

Cat carry cases
Find a distributor or manufacturer—EBay may help here.                 

Another way to reduce your costs if it is permitted in your State, is to vaccinate your cats and kittens yourself.  

A vet often charges about AU$90 or so whereas you can purchase the vaccinations for much less at, for example, Vet Products Direct and Vets Online.

Ask your vet to show how to vaccinate to make sure you do it correctly.

Vet services
Find a vet who will desex your kittens at 12 weeks of age.  Never let your kittens leave before they are desexed.  

You should also negotiate breeders’ rates with your vet to reduce the cost of your veterinary services.
Cat transport services
You will need to arrange transport for your kittens both interstate and overseas.

Find a transport service that is both competitive in their rates, but that is totally reliable and trust-worthy.  

You need to know the requirements for international imports and exports—don’t just rely on others for that very important information—the web is a wonderful source of information.

Contact Nola at Oz Catz
Phone: 03 5997 6414  ..   Mobile: 0418 549 987  ..  Email: nolakim1@outlook.com

Contact Nola at Oz Catz
Phone: 03 5997 6414  ..   Mobile: 0418 549 987
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