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A Practical Guide to Successfully Breeding Cats - Records

Cat Breeding
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A Practical Guide to Breeding Cats



Record keeping

is fundamental

to a successful

cat breeder
Setting up your Records

Recording keeping is fundamental to a well-organised and successful cat breeder.

Use a spreadsheet like Excel or a book-keeping journal;  also Word documents or card index systems.  Make sure you keep them up-to-date.

Cat Management

You should establish a record for your overall cat management.  

This is important in the event that you need to employ help in managing your cats.  

It should include such things as :-

    • Emergency evacuation plans
    • Vet name, address and contact phone
    • General worming & flea management
    • Copy of current guarantee of health for kittens and other literature provided to new owners
    • Any particular operating procedures for your cattery
    • Names, address and contact numbers of persons available for emergency assistance.           
Individual Cat Records

For every cat create a record that gives full details and description of the cat.

Include copies of any purchase contracts.

Also include copies of the local council registration, cat pedigree and microchip registration.

You will also need to record all details of each mating, each litter born, individual kittens and buyer details.

Breeding plans

Over time you will get a good idea of each queen’s hormonal cycle -

  • how long after birth of kittens will she come back into call
  • how long will she remain on call
  • the number of days after mating before her kittens may be expected to be born, etc.

Mostly queens won’t come into call if they are kept in cold dark accommodation, but if they live in your house with lots of daylight and warmth, expect them to call right throughout the year.  
You can guess at when you might think about mating your girl, but she will be the ultimate decider.

Nevertheless you can set up some plans in the hope that you can manage your litters to suit you and your family.

Create a spread sheet to help with this, on the basis that pregnancy can be confirmed about 21 days after mating when the queen ‘pinks up’.  

This means her nipples will become a lovely rosy pink to indicate pregnancy.

Her pregnancy will last about 65—66 days calculated from the second day of mating.  

And that kittens will be old enough to leave at about 12 weeks of age.

Financial Records

And last but not least, you need to keep a tight reign on your expenses and have a realistic idea of where your money is going and understand the concept of managing cash flows.

A spread sheet is also the perfect management tool for this.


Contact Nola at Oz Catz
Phone: 03 5997 6414  ..   Mobile: 0418 549 987  ..  Email: nolakim1@outlook.com

Contact Nola at Oz Catz
Phone: 03 5997 6414  ..   Mobile: 0418 549 987
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