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How Oz Catz Prepares your Ocicat Kitten for you

Adopt a Kitten

Your Oz Catz' Ocicat will be raised in my home with love and care, with the very best in food and accommodation.  

Before your kitten leaves me, it will be -

  • vaccinated -
    • 2 of 3 F3 vaccinations - one more needed at 14 weeks, then at 1 year
    • vaccination records will be provided
    • details of future vaccinations required will be provided
  • wormed
    • every 2 weeks from 6 weeks until leaving Oz Catz
    • parasite treatment records will be provided
    • details of future treatments required will be provided
  • desexed
    • at 10 - 12 weeks
    • desexing certification provided
  • vet checked
    • at 10 - 12 weeks
    • to ensure your kitten is in top health
    • vet certificate provided
  • microchipped
    • at 10 - 12 weeks
    • registered with Central Animal Records
    • details of registration in your name will be provided
  • registered wiith FCCV (Feline Control Council of Victoria)
    • at 10 - 12 weeks
    • official pedigree & registration will be provided by FCCV
    • your kitten can be transferred to your name as the new owner
  • provided with written guarantees
    • for health
    • for temperament
    • in accordance with the requirements of the new Domestic Animals Breeding Act (2016) & amendments
    • you may check out the guarantee by clicking this link
  • provided with pet insurance for 6 weeks
    • from PetPlan

If your kitten needs to travel interstate or overseas
  • Oz Catz will arrange all transport for your kitten
  • the cost of transport, a PP20 airline approved cat carry case to be borne by the purchaser
  • a guide to transport costs can be seen by clicking this link
  • a snuggly travel blanket and toy for the journey will be provided courtesy of Oz Catz
    Contact: 03 5997 6414 or 0418 549 987 or
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