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A Practical Guide to Successfully Breeding Cats - Marketing

Cat Breeding
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A Practical Guide to Breeding Cats

How will buyers

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Make your


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Marketing and Advertising

One of your most important tasks is to decide how you’re going to tell the world you exist and that you have—or soon will have –  kittens available.

Web site
By far, the best advertising you’ll ever invest in will be your website.  

It must look professional, be easy to read and search, and showcase your cats and kittens.  

And people will only keep coming back to your website if it is updated regularly and is kept interesting.  So what do you need?

Website Software :
You need to be able to update your website as often as every other day—better still, every day!  So, you’ll need to purchase some suitable software.  

Search the web, ask others what they use and how they find their software, then make your decision and purchase your own.  

My software is XSite Pro which I find easy to use, creative and adaptive.  It has lots of ’bells and whistles’ which are good fun and which make the website stand out as looking professional.

Website Learning Curve :
You will need to learn how to create, design, launch and maintain your website yourself—most satisfying, gets your updates done quickly and saves money.

Website Name :
You will need to purchase a website name, preferably one that is the same as your breeding prefix.  Again, Google sources.

Website Host :
You’ll need to find a web host who will maintain the space on the web for your site.  

Ask around, search the web.

Camera :
Your website will only be good as your photographs.  

Invest in a good quality camera and practice to see how to get  good shots.

Check out how the professional photographers set up their shots.

Business Cards :
You can get these printed quite cheaply—don’t get too many at once because you’re sure to want to update them sooner rather than later.

Posters :
Posters may seem like a luxury, but set up at a cat show or in the local vet or shopping centre they will soon pay for themselves.

Newsletters / Brochures :
You can create newsletters for your kitten clients to let them know what is happing in your cattery.  

Or you may want to include a coloured brochure with your kitten documentation.
You may not get too many sales enquiries from shows, but you will learn a lot about breeding and showing.  

When you show, make sure you take a supply of business cards or brochures.  

Make sure you get to the National Shows and the Pet Expos—huge numbers of cat-interested public attend these events.

You will establish your reputation as a serious breeder and learn how to judge the quality of your kittens.

Local shops / vets
You may be able to post advertisements here for your kittens—never in a pet shop!

Local Newspapers
Advertisements in newspapers are a ‘shot-gun’ approach to advertising.  

Remember, if you are breeding a prestige cat or rare breed, not everyone can afford to purchase them.  

So newspapers, with their wide-spread demographic audience, are not necessarily the best use of your advertising dollar.  

National Magazines
Admittedly, much more expensive than newspapers, advertising in select national magazines can repay the outlay.   

For instance, by advertising in Vogue Australia (or similar) every few months can be good value.  

Although enquiries don’t stream in the minute the magazine hits the shelves, you should receive a steady stream of enquiries and kitten sales over the following months.  

The reason is that this particular magazine occupies waiting rooms in surgeries where it is read for many months after publication.  

Although expensive, the advertisements usually pay for themselves over time.  You may also find that the response did not correlate to the advertisement size—in other words, a quarter or eighth page advertisement worked just as well as a half page ad.

Other Websites
Do a web search yourself to find your breed of cat.  

You’ll find several websites dedicated to cat and kitten sales.  

But be warned!  Be very selective! There are some such websites that are phony.

Some of the good ones on which you can advertise yourself as a breeder are—Cats of Australia;  Cat World.  

But there are several more.

Facebook / Twitter
Everyone seems to check out these, so use them to your advantage.

Blogs, etc.
Be inventive—you’ll find many other ways to tell the world you’ve arrived!  

You’ll eventually settle on a select few.

Contact Nola at Oz Catz
Phone: 03 5997 6414  ..   Mobile: 0418 549 987  ..  Email: nolakim1@outlook.com

Contact Nola at Oz Catz
Phone: 03 5997 6414  ..   Mobile: 0418 549 987
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