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Kitten Starter Pack

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Part 1 - Getting Ready for your Ocicat Kitten

Whilst you wait for your Ocicat kitten, I will email the following information to help you prepare:-

  • Equipment - getting appropriate equipment ready;
  • Transport - tips for transporting your kitten;
  • Feeding - information on kitten and cat diets and nutrition;
  • Introductionsd - help to introduce your kitten into your household;
  • Vaccinations - information about kitten vaccinations;
  • Parasite Control - information about parasites, both internal and external;
  • Safety - facts about kitten safety.

Part 2 - Welcoming your Ocicat Kitten

This document will accompany your kitten when he/she leaves Oz Catz and will include:-

  • Health Guarantee - Oz Catz' Written Health Guarantee;
  • Microchip - information about the microchip and registration;
  • PetPlan Insurance Cover - details about the Pet Plan Insurance cover on your kitten;
  • Vaccination Record
  • Parasite Control Record
  • Desexing Certificate

Part 3 - Official Pedigree and Transfer

  • Your kitten will be registered with FCCV (Feline Control Council (Victoria) Inc.) of which Oz Catz is a member;
  • Your kitten will be registered in the name of Oz Catz;
  • A transfer form will be signed to enable you to transfer the registration into your name if you desire;
  • If your kitten's registered pedigree is not available to include in your Welcome Pack, it will be mailed to you directly from Oz Catz once the paper-work has been completed.
Chocolate spotted silver Ocicat kitten
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