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Kitten Safety

Dangers from Plants
  • Cats and kittens can die or become seriously ill from a silent killer lurking near or in every home — garden plants.
  • Identify all your garden plants — many of our plants are poisonous.  
  • Here is a list of some of the common poisonous plants — but this list is not complete.   
  • You should seek veterinary advice if you suspect your cat or kitten has been poisoned -

*  Adam’s Needle  *  African Milk Bush  *  Agapanthus
*  Angel’s Trumpet  *  Apricot kernels  *  Arum lily
*  Azalea  *  Bird of Paradise  *  Dwarf Poinciana  
*  Bitter Almond  *  Black Bean seeds  *  Boxwood  
*  Burrawang seeds  *  Caladium    *  Candelabra
*  Carolina Jasmine  *  Castor Oil seeds  *  Chalice Vine
*  Christmas Rose  *  Philodendron  *  Coral Bush
*  Pigeon Berry  *  Pink or Blue Periwinkle  *  Poinsettia
*  Poison Ivy  *  Privet  *  Purple Jessamine  
*  All Lillies  *  Cherry kernels  *  Cotoneaster berries  
*  Daphne  *  Deadly   Nightshade  *  Death Cap Mushroom  
*  Delphinium  *  Dieffenbachia  *  Gold Dewdrop  
*  Elephant’s Ears  *  Glad Iris  *  Foxglove  
*  Plum kernels  *  Peach kernels  *  Rhododendron  
*  Rhubarb leaves  *  Rhus  *  Hydrangea  
*  Laburnum  *  Lantana  *  Larkspur  
*  Lily of the Valley  *  Lobelia  *  Loquat  
*  Lupin  *  Mother-in-law plant  *  Naked Lady  
*  Oleander  *  Pepper tree  *  Wisteria  
*  Yellow Jasmine  *  Yew
Dangers in the Home
  • There are also plenty of dangerous substances and other items in and around your house.  
  • Your kitten is like a toddler, exploring open cupboards, drawers and all the interesting stuff inside.
  • Make sure your detergents, cleaners and other poisons are in secure cupboards away from little paws!
  • Also, make sure you pick up any strings, pins, ribbons, toys with sewn on eyes, etc. because for sure your kitten will find them and think they are the next best toy.
  • If you suspect your kitten has swallowed something bad, get him to the vet as quickly as you can.
  • A simple piece of string or ribbon, once it leaves the stomach and gets into the intestines can be fatal.

Dangers Outside
The worst dangers for your cats or kittens lurk outside the safety of your home.  

  • There are people who positively hate all cats on sight and will actually target them for harm.
  • There are vicious dogs that have never been taught that cats can be friends.
  • There are other cats that are deseased and contagious
  • There are other cats that are territorial and will fight, injure and main your kitten/cat
  • And there is the road traffic – Oz Catz’ Ocicats have never known the dangers of the road and our kittens are not your street-wise moggy-cats.  They are therefore very much at risk of serious injury or death on the roads.
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