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The Best Diet for Your Cat

BEST Diet for Your Cat/Kitten

A Complete Raw Meat Diet

A diet based on what your cat’s wild ancestors ate is the best for your Ocicat kitten and cat because raw meat -

·      Tastes good
·      Provides proper moisture content
·      Is natural to carnivores (meat eaters)
·      Improves general health, including dental health and urinary tract health
·      Is more easily digested
·      Cats tend not to over-eat on meat
·      Reduces stool volume and odour
·      Improves coat
·      Reduces shedding
·      Provides the cat’s true nutritional needs

Unlike the dog, the cat's physiology has changed very little over thousands of years.  Felines don’t have the ability to digest carbohydrates very well.

Excess carbohydrates in their diet, especially those from grains, can lead to obesity and other serious cat health issues.

Meat, as the cat's natural food source, is much more readily digested and processed by the cat than the unnatural commercial dry cat foods which contain grains and other vegetable matter.  

Cats' systems are uniquely designed to metabolize a meat diet for their energy requirements.  

Cats fed a dry food tend to obesity or at the very least, tend to gorge themselves until they vomit.   Cats fed a meat based diet rarely over-eat and generally maintain an excellent body weight and condition.

So if you decide to follow in the steps of Oz Catz and continue feeding your kitten/cat with a raw meat diet, you must make sure you also add extra calcium, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to the meals.

Providing your kitten/cat with a raw meat diet may seem like a lot of work at first glance.  But once you get into the swing of preparation you will find your efforts very worth-while, both in terms of your cat’s improved long-term health and therefore in reducing vet expenses.  

Plus—serving your cat a raw meat diet is actually more economical than buying expensive commercial dry foods.

Second Best Diet for your Cat

So you don't want to purchase all the ingredients for the diet supplement?  It sounds like too much trouble?

That's OK - you can short-cut this and still give your cat the benefit of a raw meat diet.

  • Provide the basis of the diet with raw meats - beef, chicken and offal (chicken hearts, chicken giblets, lamb heart)
  • To which is added -
    • Day 1 - cheese - plus tinned cat food
    • Day 2 - raw egg - plus tinned cat food
    • Day 3 - tinned salmon - plus tinned cat food
    • Day 4 - raw chicken necks - plus tinned cat food
    • Day 5 - sardines - plus tinned cat food
    • Day 6 - yoghurt - plus tinned cat food
    • Day 7 - raw chicken necks - plus tinned cat food

The tinned cat food should be about 1/3 of the total meal.

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