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Oz Catz for Ocicats

Australia's Most Experienced Ocicat Breeder

Oz Catz for Ocicats

Oz Catz for Ocicats

Australia's Most Experienced Ocicat Breeder
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The Ocicat Breed

Ozspots Barwon - Tawny spotted Ocicat
Black spotted silver Ocicat kitten
General Description

  • The Ocicat is a magnificent muscular spotted cat - it looks for all the world like a wild cat with its wild look, sleek body, leopard spots and impressive size.

  • But that's as far as the 'wildness' goes in the Ocicats!  The Ocicat has NO WILD BLOOD in its heritage.

  • The Ocicat is a PEDIGREED cat that adds a touch of the exotic to your home.

  • It origins are Siamese, Abyssinian and American Short Hair cats

  • The appeal of the Ocicat is in their spotted jungle look coupled with their dog-like personality

  • Ocicats are wonderfully affectionate family members

  • Ocicats are great with children of all ages.

  • The Ocicat was created by accident in America in 1964 when a breeder tried to develop an Abyssinian with the coloured points of the Siamese.

  • Many years later after further experimental breeding in which the American Short-Hair cat was added to the mix, the Ocicat was born

  • The Ocicat has been recognized as a distinct cat breed by all international cat associations since the late 1980's.

  • The name 'Ocicat' came about because it was thought to resemble the Ocelot.
Chocolate spotted Ocicat kitten
Blue spotted Ocicat mum and Chocolate kitten

  • The Ocicat may look wild but is a loyal & devoted family member.

  • It doesn't devote itself to a favourite family member - but shares its love around to all.

  • Ocicats are confident, outgoing

  • Highly intelligent, capable of being trained

  • Energetic, playful, interactive with all other family members, including dogs

  • Especially attentive to and gentle with young children

  • Affectionate, loving, devoted to the whole family.

  • The Ocicat should always be spotted and comes in 12 colours -

    • Tawny spotted
    • Black spotted silver

    • Chocolate spotted
    • Chocolate spotted silver

    • Cinnamon spotted
    • Cinnamon spotted silver

    • Blue spotted
    • Blue spotted silver

    • Lilac spotted
    • Lilac spotted silver

    • Fawn spotted
    • Fawn spotted silver

The base colours resemble the tones of the jungle cats.

The silver colours look like the magnificent snow leopards
Abyrose Kiwi Fruit - Black spotted silver Ocicat
Lilac spotted Ocicat kitten
Size of the Mature Ocicat

  • The mature male Ocicat is a medium to large domestic cat with a solid muscle mass.

  • The adult male Ocicat weigh between 6 and 12 kg

  • The mature female Ocicat is slightly smaller than the male with less pronounced muscle mass

  • The grown-up female Ocicat weighs in at between 5 and 8 kg

  • Ocicats have low maintenance short, shiny coats

  • They don't require any special grooming or bathing

  • A quick brush weekly or just a rub down with your hands will remove any loose hairs

  • Ocicats require no special diets or special care

  • Ocicats are a robust, strong, healthy cat breed
Chocolate and Lilac spotted kittens

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Contact Nola at Oz Catz
Phone: 03 5997 6414  ..   Mobile: 0418 549 987
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